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Shamanism is a complementary treatment to western medicine and psychotherapy. Disease and illness has a spiritual component which shamanism deals with. The shaman does not do the healing but rather functions as a “hollow bone” or a conduit through which the spirits offer their assistance.

Psychopomp Work
A pyschopomp is a shaman that accompanies those who are experiencing the dying process on their final journey. The shaman is sometimes referred to as a conductor of the soul. Psychopomp work may involve being physically present when somebody dies and helping them shamanically to cross over or before they walk on shamanically helping them to be more at ease with their dying process. Pyschopomp work may even be helpful during any time of transition.
Distance Healing
Distance healing involves working from a distance to shamanically assist in the healing process. The shaman, with the permission of the person requesting a healing, is able to work with his/her compassionate spirit helpers to shamanically assist in the healing process without having to be at the same locale with the client. Contact us for more information.
Power Animal Retrieval
Power animal retrieval is quite often done in conjunction with soul retrieval and extraction healing techniques. It may be useful for clients that are feeling depressed or suffering a loss of spiritual vitality and for those clients seeking additional relief from chronic illness.
Shamanic Extraction Healing
Shamanic extraction healing is performed for clients that are still suffering from discomfort and illness even after western medicine treatment is completed or during therapy. It involves the removal of harmful power intrusions that may cause illnesses and are seen by the client as localized pain, discomfort, and/or feelings of a loss of energy.
Soul Retrieval
Soul retrieval is employed for clients that have experienced emotional, physical, or mental trauma. Its purpose is to retrieve portions of a client’s soul that were lost when such trauma was experienced thus making the client’s soul more whole. For some clients this may be referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder. A complete and healthy soul is necessary for maintaining spiritual and physical health.
Divination is the process of consulting with a shaman’s compassionate helping spirits to answer a client’s question concerning an important life issue. There are several methods to accomplish this important process. Would you like to know more?
Harner Shamanic Counseling
Harner shamanic counseling is a 5 session process that involves helping the client learn more about shamanic journeying in order to help them with a question they may have regarding an aspect of their life. This can be a very strong and meaningful learning experience for those clients that undertake this training.
Wedding Ceremonies
Nancy is an ordained minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth and as such can complete your wedding certificate. Nancy and Rowan offer wedding ceremonies for those couples not looking for a religious/church ceremony but rather a more spiritually directed, shamanic ceremony.
Shamanic Surgery Preparation
Shamanic surgery preparation is a process that ideally involves 4 sessions, 1 week apart, of shamanic healing techniques to shamanically prepare your spirit and body for your upcoming surgery. Rowan can also fashion a shamanic power object for the client to use during your pre-op, post-op, and recovery process. The goal is to ready the patient to use this procedure in order to decrease surgery related pain and the length of the recovery process.
Shamanic Cleansing of Your Home, Land, or Office Space
Do you know the entire spiritual history of your home, land, or office space? Is there a history of a traumatic; physical or psychic, event that you may not be aware of? Sometimes people notice when something does not feel quite right in a place in their home, land, or office space. It is possible that a “suffering being” is stuck there due to the power of a traumatic event and it may require shamanic assistance to allow that suffering being to continue on with its spiritual journey thereby leaving the home, land, or office space.
Shamanic Talisman and Tattoos
As a result of shamanic treatment a client may be introduced to a spirit helper or a shamanic power animal. At the client’s direction Rowan can fashion talismans to represent that shamanic helper for the client to use as needed. If the client wishes to permanently carry that symbol of their shamanic helper with them the same can be done as a tattoo. Rowan is a tattoo artist and conducts the shamanic tattoo ceremony while using the cannunpa (prayer pipe) to more deeply cement the bond between the client and their helper and/or their prayer.
Shamanic Journey
Would you like to learn how to journey to other worlds using shamanic journeying techniques? Would you like to meet your own shamanic helpers? Please call to discuss this training.
Shamanic empowerment of a Company’s Mission Statement
Shamanically empower your company’s mission statement through a shamanic ceremony in your office space.